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We are  group of  IT Security consultants which provide a range of security consulting services including: threat Intelligence, risk management, and vulnerability assessments. Policy and procedure review and development. Security audits. Security Monitoring, and Security training.

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Within our security consulting services we provide services and products that offer clear added-value to our customers in many different industries not matter of company size. We create this value by implementing our passion to security and all out knowledge dedicated to improving complete security posture to organization starting from implementation of different law regulation requirements,different security testings, security awareness training up to implementation of different security solutions We focus on building strong relationships with our customers as well as on forming partnerships with other technology leaders. Much of our success comes from the mutual respect and long-term loyalty built with our end users and all of our partners. Reasons why you should consult external consultant can be found on this page.

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As it stands, your firm may not have the in-house expertise, time, or resources to prevent, detect and respond to rising cybersecurity threats. However, if you’re not building a solid “Defense-in-Depth” security strategy, it can create significant long-term gaps.

Security consulting services can be the solution to the dilemma of minimal resources and time, providing the greatest value and knowledge to handle the latest cyber attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Here are five reasons you should consider using security consulting services to maximize the value of security for your organization:
  • Security Assessment and planning
  • Maximization of Yours Security Investments
  • Extension of Your In-House Security Team
  • Handle Compliance & Regulatory requirements
  • Experience with the latest Cyber Attacks and scenarios



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