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on this page you can lots of materials in different formats which we have created in order to support our clients or promote security. We hope that these materials will be useful for you.

Building Cyber Resilience in a Connected World

This is short presentation which we have crated as introduction to the Panel discussion where Predrag Skundric were moderator. Conference was organizes by National CERT from North Macedonia. Complete video can be found on our Youtube channel.

ISO27001 standard and how to implement it

Within this presentation you will get initial knowledge how to implement ISO27001 within your organization

Protection of children on Internet

Within this presentation you can find legal regulations related to protection of children on Internet

Technical aspects of children protection on Interent

Within this presentation you can find how from technical perspective you can protect your beloved ones

Vulnerability vs Penetration testing

Within this presentation you will find main differences between vulnerability and penetration testing and how we are performing it.

Implementation of Security Operation Center

We are sure that you know what is SOC and how to implement it but if you need additional material please download this presentation


Era of outsourcing is already here…please see how we see implementation of reliable SOC as a Service.  All relevant facts you can find it within this paperwork. 

Determine risk criticality

All of us are strugling how to determine risk impact and criticality…Here are some tips…We hope that they will help

Security operation centers against attackers

This is one of the presentation which is presented on eSecurity 2020 conference.  Under this presentation we have tried to explain why we need SOC and what technologies are needed in order to have smooth operation.

Protection of information and information systems

This is  a short presentation on Serbian language which contains basic instructions for protection information and information assets.

If you are interested in more materials and we can assist you…please be free to ask for it and we will do our best to provide it to you…

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