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please be informed that in the light of good consultants we have manged to organize international webinar related to the work from home and challenges which were resulting from that mode of work. We gathered excellent participants: Mr. Aleksandar Acev, Mr. Emil Breznik, Mr. Vladimir Vucinic, Mr. Zoran Davidovac and Mr. Predrag Skundric. Moderator of this event will be Mr. Marko Elazar. More details about them you can find within text below. During the webinar, we will not discuss specific vendors and products, but technical issues, threat vectors and new developments in Cybersecurity.We will try to give answers on following questions:

  • what is changed within IT in this period
  • what are new attacks which we are facing with
  • how we are protecting ourselves
  • what new challenges we have faced with
  • how government have responded to these issues
  • are we using some standards in order to perform our day-to-day activities and much more….

                                                                                             EVENT IS PLANNED FOR WEDNESDAY 29.04.2020 FOR 12.00

Mr. Aleksandar Acev
Alesandar Acev - Panelist

Mr. Aleksandar Acev is Head of National Center for Computer Incident Response MKD-CIRT at Agency for electronic communication in North Macedonia.

Vladimir Vucinic - Panelist
Vladimir Vucinic - Panelist

Mr. Vladimir Vucinic is cybersecurity expert one of the most important security influences in the region and CEO of the Net++ company.

Emil Breznik - Panelist

Mr. Emil Breznik is cloud security expert employed in Victoria Racing as Platform Services Manager and CEO of iTech Center located in Australia

Zoran Davidovac - Panelist

Mr. Zoran Davidoavc is cyber security expert, white hat hacker and Linux expert. He is employed as CEO of InfoDela

Predrag Skundric - Panelist

Mr. Predrag Skundric is cyber security expert with high security certifications, data protection, ISO standard certification and IT administration and security skills reached within more than 20 years of working experience within different sectors such are government, finance and private sector.

Marko Elazar - Moderator

Mr. Marko Elazar is experienced cybersecurity expert with expertise of defining and recognizing user needs and helping them to address it correct manner. He is employed in Nova Defense.

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